11/01 - 11/08

This was a big week! The USA had its presidential election and while it’s not officially done yet, it looks like Joe Biden has won, which is a positive development. When I woke up on Saturday morning and read the news it felt like the first time I’d woken up to good news in years. I don’t have as many reads for this week because once election coverage began on Tuesday night I just kept refreshing the open-source election tracker every few minutes alongside reading as insipid hot takes about voting trends as much as I could. It was a bad week for careful, thoughtful, reading for me. But a good week overall :)

But in addition to this being a big week for politics, it was a big week for Haskell, as the Haskell Foundation was launched this week at Haskell eXchange. This is really exciting news; it’s encouraging to see Haskell – which has historically been a very distributed language with no clear leadership – take clear steps towards centralizing governance, which can hopefully lead to more industrial engineering applications, and optimally more usage. Haskell is a great language and I’d be thrilled to see more folks adopting it.

Finally, I have some personal Haskell-related news that I’d love to share but it isn’t quite public yet; stay tuned for a newsletter coming soon! Okay, on to the links!